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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

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The name is... Bond!

If your are like me, you want the best for your Dood, but we are still not made out of money… We all are on the quest for the essentials and a good dog collar is on top of the list! Since this blog about our favorite furballs without sponsored inspired reviews, it took me a while to find the right stuff I would be proud to present to you. So I tried over time the classic nylon straps with plastic clips that would always brake over time and the overall collar gets stinky after a while. The next steps for a higher quality product would logically be in the leather expensive accessories… But I met someone at the dog park who was having a bit of problems with her Dood pulling on the leash and she bought the BOND dog collar and leash as a good step into a smoother hold on the dog and the handler. As soon as I grabbed the collar, I was surprised by the flex and texture! Seen these collars before at dog shows but I really thought that they looked cheap and never took the time to look into them!

This is after 2 months of use and they are dirty!

Beware :

The BOND dog collars have the best hardware I have seen on the market and there are the cleanest, long lasting and trouble free. But beware when you order from the internet, the pictures are a bit more contrasty than real life. The blacks are not as deep and the red is not really tomato red as you would expect from the pictures, but it is not that much deception at all. If your dog have a tendency to scratch from the back paw to the neck, the collar’s velvet will mark. Bitching is all done, lets go to the positives...

The hardware will never give up on you and the silicone used for this collar come from the very successful culinary world and they are know to last forever. All those advantages are for us at this point and we should not disregard all the benefits for your Dood. The silicone helps keeping the skin clean and dry but also gives a bit of a stretch, making it very comfortable. The texture is also amazing for the Dood curls as it does not get entangled by it. Overall it is almost designed for Doodles and you will not be disappointed in the wide range of colors. Superior product compared to any other product in the 20$ range!!!

From a deceptive first impression to one of the best collars I’ve ever used…

BOND is the secret agent I was looking for!

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