At Queen's Farm Fundy we strongly believe in taking good care of our animals, and our land. Our animals graze naturally in a stress free environments, enjoy lots of sunshine, rest in the shade of mighty trees, drink from the cool clear streams that cross the ranch, and live their lives doing what they do best - eating grass and enjoying lots of sunshine. We are dedicated to bringing you the most healthy, naturally raised, best tasting meats that are available today. Some are produced at the farm and some are from amazing local producers!


SKU: 0010
    • New York Steaks 2 lbs
    • T-Bone Steaks 2 lbs
    • Beef Patties 2 lbs
    • Pork Chops 2 lbs
    • Pork Back Ribs 5 lbs
    • Smokehouse Sausages 5 lbs